Chye Seng Huat Hardware Singapore

You won’t find any nails, paint, or home building materials here.   Chye Seng Huat Hardware, fondly called CSHH, is situated in the district where several metal and hardware companies of old converged.

CSHH’s actual building has been conserved to preserve the location’s unique history and heritage; its name means “to flourish again,” apt for its rebirth conversion into a coffee shop.



with a 360-degree view island coffee bar:


On the wall are coffee products, accessories and equipment for sale.


The green tea raspberry madeleine with Nutella had a firm, moist bite with the varied flavors forming a delightful symphony of sweet, tart, bitter, nutty, buttery.



There were so many enticing dishes on the menu but we were just so so full that we could not have any more. The beloved doesn’t eat dessert and I don’t take coffee so I just had the pastry and he had a coffee. We ended up quite satisfied.


The Annex next door:


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