Rokkosan Part 1: Rokko Garden Terrace

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From Arima Onsen station, you can take the cable car to go up Mount Rokkosan (Rokko Sancho Station).

From the top of Rokkosan, you can see a panoramic view of Kobe and Osaka.

img_5994There is a Japanese version of Peter Rabbit mascot at the garden.

and you can find him at the bus as well!

img_6015At the souvenir store when you are feeling dehydrated, you will find a lot of adorable drinks but if you have small children, please guide them as they choose what to have because many of the cute little bottles have alcohol content.

I did find some water and fruit juices:

Just a short walk away is the Rokkosan Observatory which would be spectacular at night.

There was an extra fee to get to the top though, so I just got a souvenir photo here as I was aiming to get to Sannomiya Station before sundown.

Below is a transport map for getting to Rokkosan and Arima Onsen from Kobe Sannomiya Station.

Kobe Transportation for Rokkosan and Arima Onsen

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