Arima Onsen 3: River and Yumotozaka street

Arima Onsen, very easily accessible by public transport from Kobe Sannomiya Station, famous for its hot springs.  You are close to the city yet close to this pocket of historic preserved district that takes you back in time.

Nearby is the Arima Toys & Automata Museum, restaurants, and from here you can access the cable car station that takes you to Rokko Mountain.

Arima Lodge offers a free shuttle to the foot of Yumotozaka street where you can explore specialty food, drink, and souvenir products.

Can you take this parking challenge?

There is a free foot onsen just at the street corner.

The Aroma of Arima is yummy and it has a name: Tansan Senbei. This is the hot spring town’s famous specialty—- a round, crispy, light, sweet wafer-thin cracker which contains carbonated hot spring water!

Across Yumotazaka Street is the Nene-bashi, a red bridge upstream of Arimagawa River.

img_5943You can go down and walk by the river; during special seasons such as the Hanami Cherry Blossom season, they have special festivals.



A short walk away is the cable car station to take you to Mount Rokkosan.


My Voyagin guide, Toshiko-san, customised my tour to the places I wanted to visit. She really prepared a nice itinerary and was able to tell me about those places.

Blessed to see how even with Japan’s advancements in technology and modernization, it has preserved many of the historical, cultural spaces for us to remember the days of old.

 1 Thess 5:21 ERV But test everything. Keep what is good.

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