Lavender Farm Tomita, Hokkaido

Ever since I saw in Provence how the lavender is hailed for its medicinal, culinary, decorative, aromatherapy, domestic application uses, my esteem for this plant has blossomed.

It’s been my longtime dream to come to the Lavender Farm Tomita in Furano City, (Hokkaido Island) and wade in a purple sea of flowers. So much excitement planning for this meeting with Japanese lavender in the famed Farm Tomita which was established in 1903!

But when we got here, reality did not match the vision… A few weeks early, my little lavender lovelies were just starting to grow.

But the Lord has been teaching me and I am trying to learn from what happened in the Garden of Eden that I ought not to focus on what He has not granted but instead, to focus on what He already has given; Karen, focus on the every spiritual blessing you already have in Jesus.  Give thanks in all circumstances.  I should be grateful that we were given a kingdom that cannot be shaken.

These gifts and promises for me are as much promises for you when you receive Jesus in your heart.

The Lord has been good to me in profound life-changing ways, rescuing me from the dominion of darkness, providing the Holy Spirit to help me in my weakness, even while I was yet a sinner, Jesus died for me so that I may have life and have it to the full. The list goes on… and on…

So how can I have a bad day when my wish of seeing a purple sea of flowers is not granted? So here I was counting my many blessings: a trip to Hokkaido with the beloved; God’s mercy to reveal Himself as healer, provider, miracle worker.

And tangibly there were other flowers and plants to enjoy!

There was a charming vine-covered tower!

img_7240img_9213Melon is one of the major agricultural products of this region. They are so sweet. They are sold as ready to eat fruit or in pastry or dairy products 😉

And here I was amused with lavender everything at the gift shop, busted by the beloved talking to my selfie. 🙂

Thank You Lord for this sunny day to enjoy Your creation in Hokkaido! 🙂 And the Lavender Ice Cream was yummy 🙂

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