Mac OSX Mountain Lion Screensaver: Biei Blue Pond, Hokkaido

img_9252In 1988, the tallest volcano in the Tokachi Volcanic Group from Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaidō in Japan— Mount Tokachi— erupted.  In order to protect the nearby town of Biei from mudflows, Biei River was treated.  This process accidentally put colloidal aluminium hydroxide in the water which then caused the water to turn this gorgeous hue of blue.

So grateful that despite yesterday’s weather forecast for rain and clouds, when we arrived here, the skies were clear and it was just absolutely gorgeous. Thank You Lord for this sweet grace of holding the rainy clouds!


Amos 4:6:1-c

Three months before harvest,
    I kept back the rain.
Sometimes I would let it fall
    on one town or field
but not on another

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