Hinode (Sunrise) Park, Kamifurano Hokkaido

Hinode (Sunrise) Park has rolling hills of lavender and other flowers.  In the fullness of its time, rows of bright colors will look like a glorious rainbow field. Though not quite at this time. More sunshine, water, and tending need to work the process in.

A view of the Tokachi Volcanic Group is clear from here.


Hinode Park was featured in the Japanese movie, “Love Letters at Sixty.” As you can see, it would make such a pretty setting!

It was so nice to see a group of senior citizens happily tending this beautiful countryside garden.

img_7306With me on the cover photo above is Ozeki-san.  He inspires me because he did not let his age hinder himself from working hard, being productive, and partaking in the behind-the-scenes work to make this park, this town, this region, and this country beautiful. The fame of this park does not point to him but he is happy to do his part.

John the baptist had this same mindset when he said,

John 3:30 [Jesus] must become greater; I must become less.”

John the Baptist was willing to make Jesus known, let Jesus shine without glory going to himself.

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