Lake Ashi Cruise Hakone and Taxi Information

img_4043I’ve been on a Lake Ashi Cruise before but I’m so thankful that this time, the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise we took, takes a different route altogether.

[I showed Driver-san the picture of the red pirate ship and I tried oh so hard to tell him that this is the lake cruise I want to take. The RED pirate ship. It ended up as our only choice when we got here as it was the only boat scheduled to leave just as Sister-in-love and I arrived at the port in the nick of time before the ship gate closed. Thank You, Lord!!] 

Unlimited rides to and fro on the ships are included with the Odakyu Hakone Free Pass (all ropeway and train rides as well) which you can purchase from the Odawara or Shinjuku Stations.

I didn’t get to see Mt. Fuji from that last time but as you can see from the above photo, she is peeking from behind the mountain from this port (Thank You, Lord, for the right weather circumstances!).

The temperature in Hakone is cooler than Tokyo so make sure to pack along cold weather reinforcements before you come.  I had forgotten my gloves and didn’t know where to put my hands 🙂

Despite the chill, the ride was enjoyable and smooth-sailing.

We arrived at Hakonemachi-ko Station which was a good starting point for more nearby places to visit.

With so much to explore, ideally, if you can arrange an overnight stay here, that would be wonderful. But I’m just glad to be able to see this at all for a day trip and get a little break from routine urban walks… as well as get away from the tempting merchandise for sale in Tokyo. Heehee 🙂  Every day that I’m on a nature or sightseeing tour is a day away from temptation 😉

Was so blessed to have Sister-in-love who also likes to explore!!! Wheeee!!! So here we were! After all the rush from Tokyo Shinkansen Station to Odawara to seeing the stretching line at the Odakyu English-speaking counter to buy the Hakone Free Pass to finding a taxi driver who would (1) agree to drive for us the whole day to see Hakone; (2) we could communicate Basic English with; (3) be professional and well-mannered that we could feel safe with; we started to get hungry. Not to fear, Seban-Ireban (7-11) is here. So Driver-san took us us to this konbini so we get some sandwiches.

In case you want the contact info of Driver-san who fit the criteria, here it is:

He was very professional and helpful and went out of his way to show us some bonus stops outside of our wish list.  The free Smart Translator app was a big help. Download and test it before your trip if you like. You can switch between English to Japanese and vice versa. Your Japanese translation will come out as audio or text. If you want to contact Driver-san, you can also copy-paste the Japanese translation of what you want to say as a message to send.

[We were quite pleased with Driver-san but would just like to clarify that my sharing Driver-san’s contact info does not come with any guarantee and you may choose to use him at your own risk.]

From the 7-11, we could see the Torii gate on the street.


Near here as well is the Torii gate of the Hakone Shrine which sits at the edge of Lake Ashi at the foot of Mount Hakone.

img_4061What a gorgeous day to see Fujisan! Thank You, Lord!



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