Las Casas Quezon City

One-of-a-kind Filipino setting for Christmas dinner catching up with lovely friends.

Loved my new favourites— prawn-stuffed egg, beef tenderloin with rosemary, baked halibut, mackerel pasta, fresh grape juice, and churros con chocolate [perfectly crisp outside and soft inside] at Las Casas by Chef @margaritafores.

Exquisite artistic details in the natural wood marquetry, inlaid tile mosaics with beautiful Amorsolo paintings and more .

Under way is a beautiful Filipiniana town plaza with six upcoming heritage houses in a cozy charming setting.

This is going to be a more easily accessible preview to the must-visit 400-hectare sprawling museum and heritage park in Bagac, Bataan of Spanish colonial mansions which were transported and restored “brick by brick and plank by plank.” Remembering that memorable visit


This place has been booked with many events so it was great to finally nail an open date for our reunion.


Blessed by the friendship, love, early Christmas sharing and m-eating with @talesfromtheheart and Kap, @leahddy and Francis, @michbramos and @neil_ramos1, @erwindona and @cezcaestrada, and my beautiful date, @heart2heartonline 😄😁😍 .

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