Whistler Village and Food (Whistler Part 2)

What can you find in a “remote” village in the wilderness? You’d be surprised!

Since the 1990’s, Whistler has always garnered top votes among North American resorts for alpine skiing.  It gained further global recognition when it hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics which The Village icons, stores, and memorabilia will give you nostalgic reminders of. This village with a mix of lodging, snow activities, shops, restaurants, recreation areas has won several design awards. How many Starbucks stores or playgrounds in the world can you walk from and face a majestic view of  snow-capped ski mountains or cultural/ historical icons?

Whistler Shopping is quite impressive for a faraway ski resort. You will be able to choose from a wide selection of souvenirs and things you might need on a trip to Whistler. There’s a good sized drugstore, hardware, and supplies for things you might have forgotten to pack or didn’t prepare for like all-season activewear, sports gear,  food (cooked, snacks, sweets)…  Unique stores are the Anne of Green Gables Chocolate (the older location of one of two Cow’s Ice Cream shops), Cow’s Ice Cream which has the slogan “Canada’s Best Ice Cream”), The Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop… its name probably referencing the climactic ending scene of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Willy (Gene Wilder / Johnny Depp version).

…even Lululemon which is probably the only branch in the world where you exit from its doors and see the ski lift gondolas and mountain slopes!

As with the rest of B.C., many companies promote an active lifestyle. North Face has the “Never stop exploring” motto. Comor says, “Go play outside.” and Columbia says, “When I say, ‘Take a hike,’ I mean it literally.'”

There are five-star and other accommodations around the village with accompanying food choices. These are the food that I got to try ( in between walks, that is).

Green Mustache (Nickname: Green Mo’) Lunch – healthy and delicious plant-based. I had the Squash Soup, Falafel Veggie Wrap, and Avocado-based Chocolate Tart! Yummy and guilt-free. I could really taste the avocado in the chocolate tart. Loved it! They had plant-based recipe cookbooks on the communal tables for free reading.

Connecting store from Green Mo’:

Purebread (Bakery Cafe)

The legendary Rogers Chocolates is worth visiting too! Established in the late 1880’s by Charles “Candy” Rogers, Canada’s first chocolatier, his first and original creation, the Victoria Cream (I had the caramel variety) isn’t too sweet which made it perfect!

There’s so much more to explore in terms of food and everything else in The Whistler Village but for a four-hour stop, I think this was a nice preview for a future visit! 🙂

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