From Osaka to Gion, Kyoto with Lunch

From Osaka to Kyoto, there are several travel options and the most convenient/ quickest will depend on where you are coming from in Osaka.

If you have the JR Pass with unlimited train rides, from Shin-Osaka to Kyoto is a 15 minute train ride but you will need to make train changes from where you are in Osaka to Shin-Osaka and from Kyoto Station to Gion-shijo

The path that I took is a relatively convenient less expensive train ride without any train changes; it takes you from Osaka straight into the heart of Gion.

Take Yodoyabashi (Subway Stop on Keihan Line) to Gion-shijo (8 stops in 49 minutes).


From the train station, just cross the bridge over the Kamo River and in 4 minutes, you will reach 0101 Food Hall Building. (On Googlemaps it might appear as Marui Department Store).



There must be other restaurants nearby and you can explore the next department store in this same direction (Takashimaya).  I took the first option available at MINOKICHI Restaurant at Marui upper floor. It has English menus. Make sure to ask for the lunch specials. You are in no way obliged to take this 10,000 yen lunch.  When I walked in, I had already seen a Tempura set for 3,000+ yen but the minimum lunch set prices from the English menu that the lady gave me were 5,000+yen. I had to insist that I saw a 3,000 yen set meal at the entrance.


Many of the seats at this restaurant faces the window to a view of the street below.


The tempura lunch set arrives soon after ordering.


The appetizers are all very good.

The tempura dishes are soggy.


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