Eto Na! MusikalnAPO! On Monthlong Rerun!

Creative genius in musical theatre on display in the Filipino original ETO NA! MUSIKALNAPO! 🇵🇭 💫 👏

Writer/ Director Robbie Guevarra (in photo) strung a part of the legendary APO Hiking Society’s treasury of beloved songs 🎶🎵into the musical group’s journey while giving an often humorous nostalgic peek at culture icons even during the martial law years. Stunning singing by all the performers and so surprisingly delightful to hear women sing the songs, too (hope the orchestra at times competing for volume will be corrected); special shout-out to Raul Montesa. Dynamic dancing 🕺🏼 💃 (choreography by @pjrebullida); Musicians and set designs were praiseworthy! Half comedy, half drama blended with a whole lot of fun. Congrats to the whole team behind MusikalnAPO! 👏👏👏 Catch it in its monthlong rerun until the end of February! ❤️


(For parents of young children, there are at least three scenes that are not G rated. Language: Taglish)


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