Furano Tour, Winter Edition

Do you know your CQ (Cheese Intelligence)? 🧀

At Furano Cheese Factory, you can take an electronic quiz to find out! 😂 Hokkaido’s yummy dairy comes in different forms here. Squid ink cheese among many flavours 🧀 , creamy milk🥛 , milk pumpkin cheese or corn ice cream 🍦 . My favourite this visit is Onion Furano Cheese.

Other stops: .
*Furano Marche for Hokkaido food specialities and souvenirs. The famous corn 🌽is available, vacuum packed for consumption until November or December! Pastries and bread🍰🍞🥖🍩… Sorry, we were so engrossed with the Hokkaido food that no one was able to take any souvenir photo here 🙂
*Furano Wine House 🥂🥂with restaurant (just a 2-minute drive above Chateau Furano wine factory. (with panoramic view of city)img_1461
*Hill of Hokusei. (with panoramic view of the mountains🗻🗻🗻)

Our Furano Visit:

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