Snowshoeing at White Koala, Furano Hokkaido

Benefits of Snowshoeing:

  • Nature Therapy
  • Fitness
  • Forest bathing
  • Detox

2 things made Snowshoeing easier on my 2nd try:

  • 1-Choose a snowshoe not too big
  • 2-Use walking sticks (with snow basket)

Biru-san, our snow forest guide, said:

*use waterproof winter jacket & pants
*waterproof winter boots only
*mind the Left and Right snowshoe.
*put boot far into snowshoe
*tighten top straps until VERY snug
*fasten backstrap very securely

Here we are at White Koala, a bed and breakfast in Furano, Hokkaido. They offer snow activities during winter, and fishing/ hiking during summer. They have winter gear for rent, a lot of indoor entertainment for kids, souvenirs for sale, snowmobile or snowshoe activities for winter, and hiking and fishing for summer!!!

Here is a look at the interiors while the gang gets instructions on their snow gear:

Everyone has their waterproof winter-warm gear on.

img_7550Biru-san’s instructions on donning your snowshoes:

And off we went.




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