A dear customer recently opened for me an Instagram account, her voluntary act of kindness to give me a free marketing tool for my business.  It’s fun to see the orange numbers pop up.  How many likes? How many follows? How many comments? With social media the phenomenon it is today, specially in the Philippines, it’s easy to join the bandwagon and pay attention to numbers that indicate attention.  I’m guilty of it… looking at the numbers.  Then comes a reminder from the Holy Spirit, “Whose approval are you trying to win?”

bits approval

Numbers are not bad.  Making a business profitable is good. But when it interferes with priorities aligned with God,  It would be good to reflect, “Is this pleasing to God?” Am I seeking attention foremost from God or am I getting a high bordering on addiction to the attention of people? Of men/ women? Of the public?

When approval from God is in the right priority, approval of man is fine as a bonus but not as a goal.  There are times when pleasing God will be unpopular.  But when you have pleased God, He also makes it follow that people are pleased by those ways that please Him.

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Dear Lord, Please help me to seek for Your approval only and You are in charge of whether anyone else will approve. I ask this in Your name amen.

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