Dealing with Pain for Good

This video teaching is from Pastor Jimmy Evans.

“It’s from a four-part series called ‘The Hurt Pocket’ talking about how to deal with hurts that accumulate within our lives.

1. Life Hurts.  God never promised a life without pain but that He would be with us to heal us and help us.

Whether it’s from our own sin or parental failure, death of a loved one (specially when it’s untimely or tragic), disappointments, abuse, rejection, betrayal, whatever it might be).  It’s inevitable that the older we get, the more hurts we have accumulated in our lives.  Unless we deal with pain properly, when it occurs, it accumulates within our hearts.  

2. Time heals nothing.  In my opinion, pain gets worse over time.  You may still feel acute emotional pain from a trauma fifty years before… Time sometimes allows us to get away from the emotion of the moment; time may help us put things in perspective, but unfortunately does not heal emotional wounds. They remain until they are brought in the presence of the Lord. Accumulated pain and unresolved problems compromise our mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational health.  

4.  We all deal with pain in some way—-right or wrong.  

5.  The only way to stop the pain and totally resolve it is to turn it toward God. 

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