3 Promises From Isaiah 58

Thank You Lord for work. For wonderful work. Thank You for all the people You’ve put alongside me who work with me, encourage me, teach me, support me, correct me, make me accountable. Thank You for the fifteen minutes I was able to attend the Overflow Seminar for which I bought a ticket because I was hoping to go. But as I tried to be a faithful steward of the work You gave me that my output may be glorifying to my excellent God, I could only attend a short time before I dashed out again like Ace Ventura, Private Detective, err.. The Mask (Thank you, Matthew for the correct Jim Carrey film).

Pastor Edmund Chan shared about God’s eternal promises from Isaiah 58

Provision and

What a beautiful truth that I so needed to hear at that very point in time. Such grace from God to let me come at exactly that moment in the two day seminar.

May the meditations of my heart be pleasing in Your sight. May You be glorified in my work and in my life. Apart from You I can do nothing. Christ in me is my only hope of glory.

The blessing of getting hands busy with work that will give employment to people and be an improved testimony of hard work and non-complacency :
I have too much to accomplish that I have to pencil in a schedule on my calendar when to fret.


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