One Day There Will Be No Tomorrow

In my harried, hurried week, I had been getting several proddings to call Jing Egenias to ask how she is.  Each time I wanted to, I told myself I will call her when I get to see how many reads her story got so that she would have a better than vague idea that many people were able to read her story.  I was sure she would be delighted as she had offered her life testimony to the Lord, He is the one who plants those seeds of encouragement, specially from the verses she shared which will not go back to Him empty.

But this week, I had been coming home late from work daily and I couldn’t find the specific statistics window on the mobile WordPress app. So I told myself “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Today, I received a message from Wilma Frias:wilma frias reply

I’m so sad that I couldn’t say goodbye to Jing.  She is such a great inspiration of faith.  As of today, her story was read 911 (nine hundred eleven) times.  She would have been happy with just one soul being touched and encouraged in their own journey.

I pray I will finish well like Jing.  Thank you, Jing Egenias.  Thank you for your legacy of faith to encourage each one of us whom you have touched during your life to keep on keeping on.  I weep for the loss of a beautiful soul here on this side of heaven.  But I rejoice that your beautiful soul is now with Jesus Christ, free of pain and illness.  Jing, you are a hero of the faith. See you on the other side, dear Sister.  I hadn’t even met you face to face but you will always be in my heart.

Dear Lord, please show me the things that You are prodding me to do which I am presumptuously thinking I have tomorrow to do. Please help me to do it now in Jesus’s name and for Your glory, amen.

Please click here to read Jing’s Story


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