Grace for Bailey

Bailey is our Beagle puppy. She loves to chew on my shoestring and shoes and the wooden stool that’s sometimes near her territory. And my apron buttons when I come home from work and forget I still have my apron on! She’s so gigil! She can’t contain her excitement to bite them. Does she know of m&m’s, I wonder? I’ve been meaning for two weeks to get her a chewing toy but haven’t had time. Neither has my husband had time.

Today, I went looking for food papers at a warehouse when I saw that there were two whole shelves of pet paraphernalia. I’m thinking “What are the chances I will find a chewing toy for Bailey here in a food packaging warehouse?” I scan the shelves… bowls with paw prints…. then I am immediately drawn to an array of… chewing toys! They even come in different sizes. Some are made of rubber and some are edible made to look like bone. I choose the latter because it resembles most the wooden stool’s foot rest that Bailey chewed on.

It was such a delight to unexpectedly come across what I needed and how timely to see it along my way! I picked it up but when I was about to pay for the chewing toy, the owner manager said “‘Bigay mo na lang ‘yan (Just give that).” It doesn’t have a price because It was just a sample, I found out!

Wow thank You Lord for this grace even for our puppy! The owner manager could have easily made P550 or so at no cost to him. Thank You for touching his heart to be a channel of Your favor.

And I remember just now that even my friend, Cherry, sent a package for Bailey the other day! I will check tomorrow what’s inside the package. It’s supposed to help her with her potty-training. Thank You Lord for the gift that is Cherry who has great compassion even for our pets!!

  Righteousness comes from You.  You are the one making it possible for me to attend to the needs of Bailey.

Wednesday night

p.s. Cherry hasn’t even met Bailey but she sent her a gift:  Thank you so much dear Cherry! I feel God’s love and provision through you! May He repay you for your kindness! 

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