In Everything Give Thanks

It was another juggling day at work yesterday. The kitchen was one cook short.  I love our kitchen dance on busy days, it’s like a Cirque du Soleil mixed with Bagbagtu and Coconut Shell dance. Then I want to see how the customers in each table are doing and soon, there was an appointment in Quezon City to catch… and traffic to face. My driver almost didn’t make it to pick up the vegetables we needed to serve for the dinner preorders. And my monthly headache schedule came for the ride.

Upon waking up this morning with a headache, my thoughts were on being more disciplined with my time boundaries and rest boundaries to avoid the avoidable down time from getting sick as well as the unnecessary feeling of being burdened. 

This should be a joy, Lord. 

I remembered the kind lady I met from Sewing Table 4 last night. Her name, Charisse, brought to mind Ann Voskamp’s advocacy of giving thanks to God in all things as a lifestyle.     Eucharisteo —the Greek word meaning “to give thanks,” envelopes the Greek root word charis (grace) and its derivative chara (joy). 

Giving thanks to God in all things gives way to grace and joy. 

Just last week when Tita Thelma and Gia came over, Tita Thelma’s exhortation was to be thankful in the very things that burden you. 

With Gia (left) and Tita Thelma (right)

She said, “In everything give thanks.”   

This morning, Marion sent our Viber group this devotion:


Thank You, Lord, in all these blessings as well as the things that make me feel burdened.   In all these very things, You are accomplishing Your holy purposes, answering my prayers, and allowing me to know You more intimately as You glorify Yourself everyday in my circumstances. Help me to have a grateful heart with a higher better love for others, not to be like a racehorse suddenly released  but purposeful in resting in seeking Your will and way in Jesus’s name amen.  



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