Impromptu Sharing

I’ve lately been absent at many of our weekly group bible studies due to my work schedule. Today, God brought my bible study to me when my dear friend, Edith came with her mom. 

It became an impromptu devotion exchange. Edith shared with me insights about keeping faithfulness with God despite difficult situations. She said she wanted to send me the link to this blog she read because it encouraged her a lot. The name of the blog was Butterflyinthespring. Haha! She used one of the interview testimonies (of Pastor Danny ad Dawn Unrquico) as the devotion for her small group. She said she wanted to recommend for me to read it! Sure!  Sometimes, fresh eyes to review something familiar yields fresh new insights! 

I also shared with her my learnings from Priscilla Shirer’s Releasing Your Grasp where Priscilla (the lead actress for the movie, The War Room) teaches about how the times when we are removed from our comfort zones, or something that becomes a part of us is removed from us… God sustains, shields, and surprises us and He can use even the untamed selfish creatures (the unlikely raven in the life of Elijah) to be His channel of grace! 

Edith and I have long noticed that we often end up unintentionally in synch in what we clothe ourselves with so we had been taking photos during these coincidences. Today was no exception.   

We had the pleasure of her mom being with us too!

  Coincidentally at the same lunch hour, two more ladies from our former bible studies who have also been absent were around!   

Thank You Lord that as been happening this past year, when I can’t come to Bible Study, You bring it to me!:) 

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