Singapore Botanic Gardens for Php50.57

159 years and they haven’t turned this open space into a mall! Don’t you just love that?

Established in 1822 by the naturalist founder of modern Singapore— Sir Stamford Raffles— the Singapore Botanic Gardens strengthened the country’s agricultural growth as it was the center where useful plants were collected, grown, experimented on, and distributed. Para Rubber, for one, prospered the South East Asian Region in the early 20th century.

In 2015, the 82-hectare Garden was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the first and only tropical botanic garden on the list! Just in case you had forgotten (like I did)— to qualify, a place has to have Educational, Scientific, and Cultural (That’s the ESC after United Nations) significance and deemed “important to the collective interests of humanity.”

Beside its ornate botanically themed iron gates is a sign that says, “Connecting Plants and People since 1859). <heart heart heart>

There is no trolley or other mode of transport that will take you around. In case you were also curious. 🙂 You have to enter one way and exit the other way.  The soaring palm trees are embraced by these wide-armed ferns to give you a sweet, cool refuge from the trusty morning sun.

Sounds of children’s squeals, rushing waters, flute music that carry tai-chi limbs in the air welcome you further in.

Towering massive tree trunk of the Jelawai heritage tree suggests staunch endurance through many seasons.

img_3329A private cove all to yourself lets you swing to your own rhythm…

…so that you are not lost in the wide expanse of vegetation.

Here I am in my own little pocket of space enjoying my little paradise.
Maybe one day when the sun is not so fierce, I will go under that roof and sing, “There Is None Like You.” 🙂
A yoga class at rest.

Varieties of Birds of Paradise:

And beautiful orchids:

There is a four time-zone clock that shows it’s 645pm Friday in Vancouver.

By the Ginger Gardens, I take a quick refresh stop at Halia Restaurant for my CGC: Cumin, Ginger, Cinnamon, (Fresh Thumb-shoot cut ginger for grinding) with Honey for SGP8.00.  That’s my only expense inside the Singapore Botanic Garden.

A little Lily Pond and waterfall area makes you forget how hot and humid it is outside.

A visual break of a brick and concrete path…

img_3459Cactus Garden with a wide variety of cacti… a good exhibit to show the difference between tall and short, thin and fat, round and angled, prickly and smooth, brown and green. Can you spot the Mickey Mouse looking cactus?

There are many cactus leaves carved with names of people.

img_3495-1I LOVE this “Passing of Knowledge” waterfall Sculpture, one among several poignant sculptures in the garden.img_3499-2

An stunning octagonal bandstand, previously a venue for military bands to play, sits in the middle of its picturesque nature-perfect backdrop. I should have brought my guitar and cheat chords here.

More winsome scenes invite you to create your own stories here.

I’m back to my childhood of tree climbing days.


I really wanted to visit the bird sculptures by the lake but the problem with pretty sandals are they tell your feet to go directly to the taxi stand instead. Anyway I had been there on my first visit in these gardens many years ago. I had a very lovely time here. Inexpensive too.

The glorious stretch of flowers, grass, plants, trees, sculptures, resting places, water, oases, they are the reasons why gardens are among my favorite places to spend time in. They also remind me of 1 Peter 1:25-26 “For ‘All people are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field. The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord endures forever.” Amen.


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