Love Letter for the Kitchen By Racquel Guevara

Racquel Guevarra

Her hand-drawn beautiful rose served as the backdrop on which my customer, Racquel Guevara, wrote her even more beautiful note.

She expressed that during her visit to the shop, she felt that “the place was made of and with: Love, Faith, Prayers, …and giving back to God.” Praise Him for His love and grace that He poured into my life which overflowed even in the interiors and food of the shop such that the intangible love, faith, and giving back to Him could be experienced by our guest.

When distance, traffic, and other factors hinder profit, it is a blessing to know that God’s purpose still continues to validate the shop’s reason for being.

Thank You, Lord for this wonderful gift of affirming my purpose to have the shop! I offer this back to You. Praise to You alone!🌹

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