The Ivy


The Ivy at Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles, surrounded by designers and shops. has long been known to be restaurant for the Hollywood stars (and stargazers).  The customer service from the servers wearing baby pink long-sleeved polo shirts, ankle length white aprons, and floral ties does make you feel like one.

The colorful floral American country cottage theme is so charming.

We were led to a cozy and vibrant country-themed room lavished with stunning fresh flowers and each offered a complimentary glass of champagne.


img_6382img_6394-1img_6378img_6397img_6393img_6396-1Because there was a line at the powder room,


a lady led me to the upstairs powder room where I had it all to myself. On the hallway wall are some of the earlier media features of the restaurant in its earlier years. Today of course, there are too many media features of celebrities arriving, dining at, or leaving The Ivy.

img_6381The upstairs powder room is bright, clean, with mirrors all around, white and grey marble, and more fresh flowers. Sorry, just had to take this 🙂



The outdoor patio has natural imperfect brick with vintaged worn wooden accents. The garden theme outdoors and indoors give the place a refreshing feel.

img_6413Festive Christmas lights and decor were still up on this New Year’s Day.



In the other indoor room, there are vintage time-worn American flags on the wall and woven cane chairs. The ambience is like a visit to a friend’s house.

We had our own floral pitcher filled with the most gorgeous bunch of roses.


After dusk, it was easy for the very powerful heater to warm us.img_6411-2

There was only fruit juice on the menu. I asked the handsome server (wouldn’t be surprised if someday he would also be in the movies) if there were any green juice available; he said he would ask the kitchen to make a ginger carrot apple juice. “Does that sound healthy enough?” He asked. It was very delicious.


I got the Warm Lobster Salad (there is also a Cold Lobster Salad).  I was very happy with the amount of lobster and its perfectly seasoned fresh taste, the doneness, how all the vegetables blended with one another and how the dressing was just perfect, not overwhelming.  This is a very generous serving which could be shared among three people.


The beloved had Lamb Chops.


I think ideally, it’s good to come here as a group of at least three or four so you can try more dishes and divide the generous portions among everyone.

Our server recommended the best selling dessert, Tarte Tatin with Vanilla Bean Gelato (it was the whipped cream on the side when I took this photo but the server happily and quickly corrected it to Gelato when I told him.  The texture and doneness of the Tarte Tatin are perfect but only if I could have my wish, I would have used only 50% of the sugar from the recipe. But the gelato was excellent.


Overall, we very much enjoyed our dining experience at The Ivy.


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