7 Marriage Lessons for Singles, Newlyweds, and Longtime Married Couples

Your single life is like the nine months you are in your mother’s womb. But now, you are starting a new life… the cord needs to be cut,” Pastor Jonathan Fenix began his message to Brandon and Charmaine on their wedding ceremony.  This message is a good refresher even for longtime husband and wife as well as a good preview for single people about what to expect in marriage.

He talked about the following principles:

  1. Leave mother and father
  2. Cleave to your spouse
  3. Be transparent with your spouse
  4. Weave into Oneness (unity) in marriage; how to guard against even children, without malice, can come in between that unity
  5. Submission except to things illegal, immoral, or sinful
  6. Leadership of husband in terms of direction, affection, parenting, and everything
  7. Do your best: Husband love your wife/ Wife, submit to your husband; do not give up out of gratitude for Christ.img_9177-1

Wedding Vows:

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