Tenjo Yama Park Mt. Kachi Ropeway

For a Mt. Fuji Sighting Site, take the Lake Kawaguchi Mt. Tenjō Ropeway to get to the peak of Mount Tenjō, famous for being the place of the Kachi-kachi Story.

If you have time to go to the Fujiya Cookie store before or after your ropeway ride, try the different flavours of Mt. Fuji-shaped cookies. (They are also available at the Kawaguchiko Station store if you are pressed for time).

We went to Kawaguchi-Kohan Station just behind Fujiya Cookies.

About midway on the convoluted queue to get on the ropeway, there is a self-serve machine to purchase your tickets to get on the ropeway. Those who are not getting tickets  are part of big tour groups, so don’t forget to buy your tickets to avoid having to go back down.  When the gondola (cable car) arrives, try to get a spot at the bottom section so you could get a view of Lake Kawaguchi on the way up.


At the summit, there is a shrine, happiness bell, small souvenir and snack store with Fuji-shaped sake bottles:)

The city below actually has a ride theme park and many other options of things to explore.


There is a forest trail to explore.

If you are into hiking, you can take the ropeway to the top and then the 45-minute descent on foot.

For PHP750, the fog surrounding Fujisan can clear up, thanks to a two-man team at the top! :)😁🏔.


For You Lord are Faithful

Unequalled in Your love

Jehovah Jireh, Healer, The Great

I AM, Thank You for Your new mercies every morning.

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