Coal Harbor Morning Hike

“Nice bike!” a man on a bike hollered as he rode past! I was the only human within earshot so I soon realised that I had been hiking on the bike lane at Coal Harbor! Whether a straightforward “Out of my way” or a sarcastic “nice bike” was better, I learned to be mindful of the road markings and find a people path instead 😂

With my trusty Uniqlo lightweight but very efficient down jacket [one of my smartest buys, I must say :)] I was soon enjoying the convergence of modern buildings [luxury apartments], yachts in private marinas,  a view of Deadman’s Island [where the naval station is situated], a floating gas station for water transport, Canada Place and Vancouver Convention Centre, and Vancouver Harbor Water Aerodrome [airport for seaplanes]; a community centre, boating clubs, beautiful gardens with interesting plants, autumn foliage, dogs walking with their owners, and birds in flight. It’s a refreshing and vibrant setting with lovely views.

In 1862, coal was discovered in the harbour (which is how its name came about).  For a time when huge mansions proliferated in the area people referred to it as “Blueblood Alley.”

In 1940, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) established a seaplane base and reconnaissance station here. They then passed on the “direction finding and intercept facility” to the Royal Canadian Navy but in 1942, the operations were transferred to Gordon Head near Victoria.

Today, water taxi and tour boats continue transportation from Coal Harbor.  Seaplanes to provincial areas such as Pontefino, Victoria, Seattle, or Whistler also take off from the Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre Seaplane Terminal.

Of eighteen legal floating homes in Vancouver, six of them are in Coal Harbor (twelve are in False Creek).

Would you like to spend a week here?

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