Bowen Island Photography Hike, British Columbia

Still part of Metro Vancouver, Bowen Island is an island municipality in Howe Sound, a network of glacier-produced narrow ocean channels between bodies of land northwest of Vancouver.

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From Vancouver, you can take the BC-99 Northbound bus to Horseshoe Bay and take the 30-minute BC Ferries service to Bowen Island.

The aisle to open water, naturally sculpted cliffs, shoreside homes, mantles of evergreen trees on mountains, land, water, sky, and vegetation adorn the scenery that is refreshingly stunning and serene.

The First Nations (indigenous) Squamish people of British Columbia originally occupied this land with some areas designated for hunting deer and duck during the warmer months. Today, the Squamish and Musqueam (another indigenous group) still source  deer and fish here.

With its distinct character, Bowen Island has been used for many films; you might have seen it in Look Who’s TalkingCousins, Bird on a Wire, The Russia House, Another Stakeout, Intersection, Double Jeopardy, Antitrust; or the CBS miniseries, Harper’s Island.

img_6903Nash of Nature Photo Hikes was a superb terrain and photography guide. The forest is expansive and it was a world better to have an expert navigate us through while giving tips on taking better photos. The pictures can’t do justice to experiencing  nature but it’s the next best thing :). Late October in autumn splendour would have been ideal. Still, this November drizzly morning, there are delightful surprises tucked in this beautiful interactive walk-through artwork that is nature. Nash said that forest photos actually look their best in this very weather condition.

And don’t forget fun, fitness, and forest-bathing benefits (stress relief, detoxify mind and body from electronically charged environment; lower blood pressure; decrease anxiety, depression, and anger; improved mind clarity and concentration)!

A residential cove…

Memorial Garden:

Viewpoint and trek to Killarney Creek, Bridal Veil Falls:

With Kyle exploring the terrain. The twig pile was a beaver dam for catching fish.

Dew on photo, guided by Nash. [I’ve been using an iPhone 8 camera and this one is on Portrait mode]:

img_7422To reduce pollution on the island by reducing incoming vehicles, hitchhiking is encouraged with Lift Stops by the road although the sign comes with a waiver to do so at one’s own risk.

Back to the village, fish “swim” on the pedestrian crossing 🙂 …

Delicious Eggs Benedict and Hot Chocolate at Snug Cafe:

We get on the return ferry just in the nick of time!

Our excellent guide, Nash of Nature Photohikes, at Horseshoe Bay on this fun, memorable trek to Bowen Island:


Photos Nash shared aside from this article’s cover photo [Thanks so much, Nash!] :


Psalm 96:12 (NIV)
Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them;
    let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.

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