VanDusen Gardens Winter Illumination

What’s nice about Vancouver is that most places are only about twenty minutes away from one another. We had a spare half hour before our event for the evening so the beloved asked me what was the place I wanted to visit?

I had seen  Vandusen in its autumn glory; I wanted to see it in its spectacular winter illumination. He waited in the parking lot while I dashed in. Everybody happy!!! Yay!! Thank You!

The Christmas songs enhance the view of the poetic landscape adorned with colorful lights in the freezing winter air accompanied by rain! 🙂


Beautiful!!!  I prefer naked nature to see the flowers and foliage but it’s terrific how this award-winning gardens have been transformed into Winter Wonderland!!  The framework of nature can still be enjoyed as it is beautiful even when bare.


Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows 
Lies the seed 
That with the sun’s love 
In the spring 
Becomes the rose
Songwriters: Amanda Mcbroom
The Rose lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc


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