Yay Sakura, Yaezakura at Hama-rikyu Gardens

The multi-layered late-blooming variety of cherry blossom at Hamarikyu Garden is stronger and comes in a vibrant pink! Yay for late bloomers! If you are one, may the Yaezakura encourage you in this growing stage to be patient as you wait for your perfect time to bloom! 🌸😍🌸

7 Fun Facts About the Hama-rikyu Gardens:

1. It was built originally as the Tokyo home and duck hunting grounds of a feudal lord during the Edo period; it was completed during the Tokugawa shogunate.

2. It was later designated for the exclusive use of the Imperial household before it was opened for public use in 1946.

3. It is situated at the boundary of Tokyo Bay, which separates land and sea. It contains Tokyo’s only remaining seawater pond (which is connected to the sea) in its center, the Shioiri. There is a mechanism that regulates the pond’s water level despite the rise and ebb of the ride.

4. It is a perfect oasis of nature amidst the formidable concrete structures around its vicinity in Shiodome including a capsule condominium.

5. The Nakashima Tea House serves matcha tea and wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets). You get to sit on tatami mats.

6. There is a 300-year old pine tree by the entrance.

7. There is a flower field with flowers that bloom at alternating times, thus making the garden beautiful throughout the year.

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