Trip To Jerusalem: A Mother’s Odyssey Back in Time Part 1


The day before we were scheduled to depart for the Holy Land, Matthew came down with a relentless fever. A request for healing was passed through the prayer chain of CCF Thursday Night Bible Study Group of Pastor Peter Tanchi.  

Twelve hours before the flight, the fever was completely gone and did not return. I wanted to cancel the trip but beloved said we should go ahead. In twenty-four hours, we were climbing Mount Sinai.

Matthew became the youngest member of our tour group to reach the top of Mount Sinai


while Kyle was the first member of the both sides of the family to reach the top of Mount Sinai. 

We were able to take the six – hour climb to Mount Sinai and continue on with two weeks of travel between Egypt, Jordan, Bethlehem (Palestine), and Israel.

Jehovah Jireh, our Merciful and Almighty Healer, we thank You for healing Matthew!





We woke up after midnight to make our climb up to Mount Sinai before sunrise.
Matthew under a shed
Everyone gathered for the climb. Prayers sustained us.
Matt (L) and Kyle (R) ready for the ascent.



Thankful for spiritual family to be with us on our trip to the Holy Land.

Kyle with Tito Edwin

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