Movie: God’s Not Dead

Our small group met up on the holiday earlier this week.  Adeline brought the DVD which she got on her recent trip abroad.  Princess opened her home to let us watch the movie there.  Beth arranged for the food.  All the rest of us had to do was come and enjoy!  The pets of Mely’s kids, a turquoise bird named Blue, came along and watched the movie with us together with some family members and friends.  Screening time was at 3pm.

Kevin Sorbo who previously played the role of Conan and Dean Cain who previously played the role of Superman are in this movie too!  “Conan” will be the professor and “Superman” will be the cynical businessman.

Just a sidebar, I want to point out to my sons that while the girlfriend in the movie is pretty and smart, she wanted herself to be the central factor for Josh’s decision.

I love the honest questions, doubts, and challenges that are raised in the movie:

1. Professor Radisson says, “When a twelve year old watches his mother dying of cancer, a God who would allow that is not worth believing in.”

2. Mark, the upwardly mobile successful boyfriend telling his mother:  “You prayed your whole life and here you are (in an assisted living facility with dementia)”  while he (Mark) is a self-confessed meanest person but he’s having a great life.

3.  Amy, the left-wing blogger girlfriend of Mark, asks Willie Robertson, one of the family members featured on Duck Dynasty, a cable reality tv show of a family who are “known for their long beards and Christian views (Wikipedia)” “What do you say to people who are offended by your show because you pray to Jesus in every episode?”

4. Ayisha, the Muslim student who is a closet Christian gets found out by her father and thrown out of the house, asks her pastor, “What if I made a mistake (in believing in Jesus)?”

5.  Josh Wheaton (the college freshman tasked to defend the position that God is not dead) asks Professor Radisson, “Who are you really looking to fail, me or God?”

6.  Professor Radisson says that some of the most committed atheists were once Christians.

You have to watch this film for the answers!

The movie credits say that the film was inspired by real court cases around the United States.

First Amendment infractions sometimes unfold at college campuses.  Pure Flix Entertainment CEO Russell  Wolfe inserted a list of more than 40 real-life court battles at the end of the film — cases in which “university students, campus ministries and clubs [were] attacked for their biblical faith.”




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