Healing Through 700 Club Asia TV Prayer: Malu Tiongson-Ortiz

Malu Ortiz, author of “Embracing God’s Purpose for My Special Child” and “Ikaw Na Ang Maganda”, told me that she got healed through the “word of knowledge”  from Kata Inocencio, host of the 700  Club Asia TV program she watched one day. [I learned that the word of knowledge is a spiritual gift.  The bible-believing team of 700 Club Asia prays and The Lord reveals to them circumstances of people and they release His Word of hope, healing, or comfort through the program.]

ms malu ortiz.3

It happened last February when Malu was with her sister, Lysa San Agustin, for a vacation in Boracay.   Lysa was standing by to be interviewed through phone patch by Kata on the program so the sisters were tuned in.  Malu had a terrible migraine.

After Kata interviewed Lysa on the air, Kata moved on to the prayer portion of the program and said, “Merong nanonood ngayon dyan na merong migraine, ang sakit sakit ng ulo nya. (Someone with a migraine is watching right now). But the Lord is telling you that you will be healed.”

Malu and Lysa in Boracay
Malu and Lysa in Boracay

Lysa said, “Malu, para sa ‘yo yon! (That’s for you!)” It caught Malu’s attention. Her headache went away!

Right after that, Kata started to pray and she said, “There’s a person watching right now who’s hurting in her marriage. The Lord is saying you will be comforted, that He hears your prayers.”   Malu received by faith that godsent word of hope. She texted Kata “You know, I’m listening to you right now and I think that your message is for me because I was having a migraine and in fact, I’m hurting because my daughter was supposed to be with me in Boracay but my husband took her to Hongkong so natapon yung (thrown was the) plane ticket for my daughter and her yaya (nanny).” And Malu was healed of her heartache indeed!

I was amazed to hear how God really sends His Word of healing to specific people through TV! I used to watch 700 Club (back when I used to watch a lot of TV) and hear similar prayers for people but only this time did I hear the side of the prayer recipient!

Some time after, when Malu and I watched the Jimmy Needham concert, Kata Inocencio was there with her children. Malu told me, “You should hear and feature her testimony!” Malu then arranged a meeting for me to interview Kata.  That is coming up soon!

To Be Continued…

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  1. Malu T. Ortiz says:

    Praise God! He is our Healer! 🙂

    1. Amen Malu!!Glory to God!:)

  2. Anne says:

    Praise God!

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