Coming Out

Yesterday, the Meg Magazine team came over for a photo shoot at the shop. Hannah interviewed me while Lynn and another lovely lady fixed up my hair and makeup. 

Hannah asked me about how the shop came about, what my day is like, how I balance my time, etc. She then  somehow asked me if I’m from CCF (Christ’s Commission Fellowship where I attend Sunday services) and I said yes. She said “Ning is from CCF also.” I didn’t know which one was Ning because they were a big group.

After the shoot, when everyone else had gone, one of the ladies sat by the bench. I had noticed the glow in her eyes since we were all busy about since an hour earlier. She introduced herself as Ning, the Executive Editor of Meg.  

Ning and I realized we both volunteered (she as an editor, I as a writer) for the CCF Magazine that was just released last Sunday during the 31st Anniversary. 

Aside from the delight that comes with discovering we had kindred spirit, I got inspired by Ning’s focus that without embarassment or hesitation,

“To share Christ is really what we are supposed to do.” -Ning

That reminded me of this blog and the comment that Loren Lee wrote a month ago on my “About” post to thank me for making my walk with Christ public. 

Actually, I wrote this blog thinking I was anonymous, hoping to share with strangers God would lead to this site. I also share it with some ladies who came to me with similar challenges that I faced.   

Since I was officially named by a kind-hearted food blogger, Anton Diaz (who attended the same Salt and Light Ventures Blogging Seminar just before I started this blog) and another kind-hearted food blogger, Rica De Jesus, as the author, I was like a deer in headlights. 

(They both don’t know the depth of healing it gives me to meet kind- hearted food bloggers) 

But when I read again what Loren Lee wrote, “all glory and praises to our Lord Jesus Christ,” it was an affirmation that yes, I can keep this up because it will point to Him and give the glory to Him alone. 

Thank you, Ning. Thank you, Loren. Thank you, Anton. Thank you, Rica. This is my first post since I was named as the writer. 

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  1. Maricor Acenas says:

    Christ really lights up the road ahead of you!, Shine brightly, shine!

    1. Thank you so much Maricor for your encouragement and prayers! May His light shine thru all my broken cracks for the treasure in this jar of clay that I am is from Him alone. Love you!

  2. loren lee says:

    Hi Karen! This was your post that inspired me!

    I was on a wheelchair (due to an accident God allowed) when I read your post! Reminding us of His best plan and timing for us! And how He can turn ‘bad’ things for our good when we keep our faith in Him. 🙂

    What a blessing to know that some how, some where and in different ways God has been using us to remind each other of His love and purpose in our lives! 🙂 It is a joy to read all your new posts here!:) keep the posts coming! 😉

    1. Praise God for His promise that indeed He can use even “bad things” for our good! May we keep on praying for one another to run the race and finish well and always remember the hope we have in Him! Thank you for being a blessing to me, Loren! 🙂

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