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Since 2004 when an Asian Institute of Management panel (for the thesis defense of the Business student, Marian Balcos, who studied to improve my business) declared that the only remaining agenda my business needs is “yabang (slang for ‘marketing’)” but I didn’t have a budget for it, I surrendered this to the Lord and He has since been doing a fine job of working out marketing features for my business. Our “Scene and Heard” nook stands witness as our “hall of grace.”

The word combination of “September Eleven” had been traumatic for me when I encountered them since my September ’11 trauma but progressively less by God’s grace.  Last September 11, sweet God gave Karen’s Kitchen yet another grace through Princess Daisy Ominga, a lovely writer from Philippine Daily Inquirer, who kindly put together a beautiful writeup on that day (Link at the bottom of this article). This is really a gift to my team and me.  It inspires us to do our best and strive to be even better.

I’m glad I’m not in Princess’s shoes because I’m sure it’s a challenge to contract so many words into an article. It was my fault.  I talked too much when she asked me great questions.

Thought I would clarify some things 🙂

  1. On Success

It’s not the first time I was asked, “What do you attribute your success to?”

My answer is: Success is something I don’t consider I have but an aspiration perpetually at an arm’s length.  The biggest room in my life is the room for improvement. There are so many things that need improving but with limited energies and a framework of priorities, rather than aiming for success I prefer to aim for victory in knowing what God’s will is for me in a given season (which does not exclude pursuing excellence in one’s job in its time) and the courage and perseverance to pursue that.  What other people may regard as success attributed to me, I attribute all to God’s grace.

Here are two previous posts here on success:

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2. Everyone is raised by a village.

I believe that God places a village around each of us to help direct and shape us the way He wants.  I am very thankful for each person He placed around me.

3. On being a mom:

I love my kids so much, my life was built around them.  It was my joy to intentionally be available/around when they appreciated all the mothering (At a certain point, I had to exercise restraint so it wouldn’t turn to s-mothering).  It is an immense privilege to witness their milestones, take them on hikes, fly kites, ride bikes, treat them with their likes, show them the world, cook for them and their thirty-four guests, cry out to God for their well-being and future and to strive to be the best mother I could be however imperfectly the results came out.  Having no guilt to pursue my season of work was the effect and not the purpose of my wanting to prioritize being a mom.

2.  On healthy food:  We do sell food that is not known for being healthy but we offer healthier alternatives whenever we can.  We use airfried potatoes, baked instead of fried beignet, quinoa instead of rice in at least three dishes, thin crust with more toppings where the value is. We have gluten-free dishes that are tasty.

3.   I don’t consider my faith in God as unwavering.  I need all the help from Jesus and my spiritual family to intercede for me that my faith remain and increase. But faith as small as a mustard seed can be a good starting point and He is willing to meet us where we are at.  I am so aware that I am so imperfect and fall far short of God’s standard of holiness that’s why I need Him so much.

Here’s the link to the newspaper feature, to God be the glory!

IT STARTED with a vintage oven.

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