Healthy Option at Dean and Deluca, Rockwell with Edith

My friend and teacher, Edith, and I met up for lunch.


We had healthy Quinoa Salad with Smoked Salmon and Mango.

img_9320The saltiness of the firm smoked salmon met the pungent aromatic red onions that dominated the quinoa and other vegetables.  The light vinaigrette dressing with bursts of red beet puree and the sweet mangoes (I love Philippine mangoes!) and the mildly bitter greens complemented the overall flavor.  I’m glad to see this option on the menu.

Beef with Pesto Rice, Watermelon cubes and egg:img_9318

The tender marinated beef has a Filipino tenor in its sweetness. The fragrant herb Pesto rice, marinated radish (the round discs) provided a balance; the egg provided the comforting heartiness, and the surprise watermelon cubes gave a unique twist to this all-day-breakfast dish.

My milk with coffee… I mean coffee with milk:img_9321

And for our Healthy Soul Food (when things don’t go your way, realize you can’t control what’s going on, live with what you don’t like, when you need to accept what you can’t change), Edith gave me a handout and we had a study from Dr. David Jeremiah. Upon reaching home, I was so delighted to see that he has it on video on YouTube! So I’m sharing it with you in case it will encourage you in your own situation.

Searching for Heaven on Earth by Dr. David Jeremiah

Study starts at 4:17




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