We Know the Ending and It’s Good

How do you overcome grief over losing a loved one? I was mourning on the phone with my mom yesterday over recently losing my stepdad, (her late husband) Bob, to cancer. I remembered his many kindnesses to me and how he made a difference in my life. Times like this, I wonder if the pain of loss will go on for the remainder of life.

And then Lillian’s message came in about the Holcombes who lost eight members of their family spanning three generations all in one swoop during a sudden senseless shooting at a Sunday service in Sutherland Springs, South of San Antonio.

It no longer shocks (even though they still horrify and appall) us to hear of the vehicular attack in NYC, knife attack in Marseille and Borough Market, or the heartbreaking loss of lives from earthquakes, hurricanes, and mudslides near and far. How do we recover from the grief, fear, anxiety and not go into despair?

Eighty-six year old Joe Holcombe who lost eight beloved members of his family had this to say: “It’s of course going to be difficult. But, we are Christians; we have read the book. We know the ending, and it’s good. They’re in heaven. And they’re a lot better off than we are.

Loss is real. Grief is real. Pain is real. There is the path of sorrowful difficult path to tread, but when we and our loved ones put our faith in Christ, there is comfort when our hope to see our loved ones again will become a reality… we will see our loved one(s) again at the end of the road.

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