Zach Ertz on The Secret to An Incredible Marriage

zach and julie ertz
Zach and his wife, July Johnston Ertz, professional soccer player and FIFA Women’s World Cup champion. Source

Stanford University football athlete and now NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles’s tight end, Zach Ertz caught 7 passes for 67 yards and a go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter in the Superbowl game against the New England Patriots, which contributed to the Eagles’s their first championship in franchise history. [Source]

In an interview with Sports Spectrum, Zach Ertz had this to say on his faith:

“Last year… during the season I would always be really high if I had a great game and really low if we lost if we had a bad game whereas I would always see guys in the locker room like Carson, Trey Burton, Jordan Hicks, Jordan Matthews (when he was on the team)— that would always remain even keel. I was pretty much envious of them… so they kind of continue to push me in ways to grow on my faith…

On his marriage:

…Being the head of the household, the foundation of our marriage is built on the Word [bible].  Anytime you are able to build something with that strong foundation, you’re not gonna be easily swayed; so that’s kind of the thing that we strive for because the distance that we have to work through is extremely difficult.  It could pull you in ways that [are] extremely tough…on a relationship so being able to be rooted in the Word and hold each other accountable to something much bigger than the two of us allows us to have an incredible marriage.”

On being consistent with faith:

“… the seeds were sowed a long time ago. I was able to prepare myself for this week because I’ve been in the Word throughout the past year, growing in my faith. Obviously having teammates to push me each and every day is a huge reason I’m able to be accountable to them and they’re able to be accountable to me too. We’re never gonna let each other slip… That’s why I love being on this team and being around those guys.”

Zach Ertz’s Key Ingredients for a Successful Marriage and Consistent Faith:

  1. Personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  2. Daily reading the bible
  3. Comradeship/ mutual support with same gender friends with whom one is mutually accountable for life choices to walk the straight path.

Here’s the link to the full interview:

Click HERE to visit Zach Ertz’s blog:

zach ertz blog

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