Mt. Fuji Visit

Can a vehicular accident be a blessing? .

This morning (a rainy day), a car bumped our tour vehicle which caused an hour’s delay. Norie-san, our tour guide as well as Driver-san each had to call their office and then wait for the police.

We had to move to a rest area for a safer place for police and our driver and the other car’s driver to report the situation.

During lunch from Fuji Premium Resort where on a clear day, you might get a glimpse of Mt. Fuji, the view was all foggy.

It was not an encouraging sight but as we continued our ascent towards the fourth station, the sun started peeking through the clouds.

By the time we arrived at 5th station, we caught the 15-minute window of clear sky to see Mt. Fuji au naturel before it got foggy again by the time we left.

By the time I was supposed to run back to the bus, visibility was very low.

Thankful that our unexpected problem caused our tour to achieve its purpose!

Sometimes it’s the unexpected problems and inconveniences that arise which are God’s appointed blessings in disguise. Hope I will remember this when an unexpected problem or inconvenience arrives so I will be patient and wait for Him to reveal His better plan.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Rom 8:28 NIV


p.s. Norie-san did a wonderful job at guiding our tour. She was very professional, courteous, time-considerate. During the accident, she knew exactly what to do and updated us regularly while we waited so that we knew what was happening. She had prepared visual aids to help explain about the different places we passed along the way and those we specifically visited. She communicated clearly. I felt like she was conscientious to go out of her way to make the tour enjoyable, safe, and worth every yen! At the end of our Hakone tour, she saw to it that we crossed the street safely and reached our correct Shinkansen platform to get back to Tokyo. If you are looking for a good Tokyo guide, you can book her through or you can contact her at this email address. Please click HERE.

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