Grace at Ryokan Kurashiki


After I booked my Voyagin Tour (Thank you for the recommendation to Kurashiki, I got an email introducing me to my tour guide, Hisako Kashihara.

Hisako-san was very helpful; we started coordinating our plan for my visit; upon my request, she recommended a lunch place… Ryokan Kurashiki. I was able to reserve my choice of meal ahead. I appreciated being assured I wouldn’t have to use up an hour to queue for lunch during my visit.

To match the historical quarter, I chose the Kaiseki style of traditional Japanese cuisine consisting of small portions of intricate dishes described as ” Inspired and informed by nature and the four seasons. Using only the freshest ingredients, our chef creates dishes that celebrate local flavors and please the eyes as much as the palate.”

My reservation was for 12 noon.  The day before my tour, an upcoming typhoon was announced to arrive on the very afternoon of my tour.  [This would later result in an early closure of the boat ride and closure of train service early in the day.]

Early the morning of my tour day, I messaged Hisako-san saying that I was able to get an earlier train and if by chance she is free, can we start the tour early.

Dear Hisako-san, I’m on board Shinkansen arriving Okayama shortly. I saw that there’s a typhoon approaching this area. Is it possible for us to meet earlier so i can head back home earlier today? If yes, I will need to change my lunch appointment with Ryokan Kurashiki to after our 4-hour tour
Hi Karen,  Of course. 
It’s no problem.
How about 10:00am?
Where do you want to see me?


What joy and relief it was for me to receive her message that in consideration of the typhoon, she would work her schedule out. Thank You, Lord, for Hisako-san’s understanding!

First order of the day after Hisako-san and I met, we went to Ryokan Kurashiki to try and adjust my dining reservation time to better fit the tour itinerary. We came twice to try and explain the situation but it was impossible for them to yield. Hisako-san kindly adjusted her tour instead.

Nevertheless, there were blessings of grace to count. After the first half of our tour, Hisako-san dropped me off to enjoy my Kaiseki meal.


img_6636The selection of dishes was very tasty and satisfying.  Every dish was thoughtfully executed and true to their promise, it was very pleasing to the eyes as well as to the palate! No regrets!

Just beyond the dining room dining room with small tables is a function room with antiques.

I was very happy and content enjoying every detail of my meal. When Hisako-san came back for me, she told me it had been raining outside. I had no idea! By the time we both went outside to resume the tour, the rain had already stopped.


Thank You, awesome Lord, that You did not let Ryokan Kurashiki adjust my meal time because the original schedule perfectly coincided with the rain that would have dampened my tour!!!!!!!!!!!

Grateful, grateful, grateful. Please remind me:

1Thess 5:18 Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


Here is an alternative dining venue that Hisako-san pointed out: Kiyutei Restaurant.

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